Young Adult Tickets

Austin is a city known for its young entrepreneurs and start-ups, so it’s fitting that ABO began somewhat as a start-up in 2011. We were a group of eleven 20- and 30-somethings, university students or recent graduates excited about historically informed performance. One of our goals in founding the ensemble was to reach out to our peers – people that we felt were under-represented in classical music audiences.

It’s in the spirit of that founding tenet that we began offering Young Adult tickets in the 2015-16 season. Who are these tickets geared toward? They’re likely between the ages of 18 and 35 (but not set in stone). Maybe they’ve recently finished college or graduate school and are getting started in their career. Or maybe they went directly into the workforce, perhaps joining one of Austin’s many tech start-ups. Or, maybe they’re entrepreneurial like us and began their own start-up! We strongly believe that the arts are for everyone, regardless of means, and have always wanted to ensure that all interested people, regardless of age, race, or means, are able to experience our concerts.

sarahcrumYoung Adult tickets are only $10 (that’s cheaper than a night at Alamo Drafthouse!) and are available either at the door or online. Our concerts are not formal affairs! You’ll see audience members dressed in a wide variety of attire, from slacks to shorts and flip-flops. Come as you are – no tuxedoes or evening gowns will be found here! And, we often hold an informal reception after the program so you can get to know us, ask about our unusual period instruments, and see us let our hair (wigs?) down.

Do you thinkNSUreh the music of the 18th century is boring and stuffy, just a bunch of dead guys wearing wigs and stern expressions? Think again! We invite you to come and give us a listen—you might just find there’s a little less dust on our music than you think. We’re breathing new life into some of the most beautiful music ever written, and we’re doing it with a youthful energy and colorful uniqueness that you’d expect from an Austin born-and-bred ensemble. Contact us for more details.