News and Reviews

November 18, 2013. Article. Mike Greenberg. “Music rarefied and rare.”

November 13, 2013. Article. Elly Dearman. The Daily Texan.  Austin Baroque Orchestra & Choir present concert of colonial music.” Accompanying YouTube video here.

May 23, 2013. Radio. KUTX Radio Interview on John Aielli’s “Eklektikos.”

March 22, 2012. Blog. “In Appreciation of Bach.”

December 12, 2012. Radio. KUT Radio Interview on John Aielli’s “Eklektikos.”

November 26, 2012. Article. Juan José Nava. La Voz de Durango. “Ensemble Settecento cierra Festival de Musica Virreinal 2012.”

November 23, 2012. Article. Unknown Staff Writer. El Sol de Durango. “Ensemble Settecento mañana en el Tercer Festival de Musica Virreinal.

October 17, 2012. Radio. KSTX Radio Interview. Gerald Self’s “Musica Antiqua.”

September 18, 2012. News Article. Rob Faubion. “Ensemble Settecento Debuts Opening Concert.”

Special Events

III Jornadas de Música Virreinal de la Cattedral de Durango.  Press Release Unavailable. Videos: IECD AnnouncementLavoz News Video

Note: This special event was made possible through the collaboration and funding of the Instituto de Cultura del Estado de Durango, guitarist Massimo Gatta (artistic director), musicologist Dr. Drew Davies (of Northwestern University), and Francisco Mayagoitia (President of Friends of the Durango Cathedral).

Caroling at Noon at St. David’s (in conjunction with St. David’s speaker series “The Forum”)

Cleveland Conference: American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

2013-14 Season – Press Releases.

Season 3 Overview  or  Season 3 Brochure
Concert 1: Dresden Files.  Press Release Unavailable.
Concert 2: Croissant Baroque.  Press Release.
Concert 3: North & South. Press Release for Austin.  Press Release for San Antonio.
Concert 4: Haydn-Go-Seek. Press Release.
Concert 5:
Concert 6:

2012-13 Season – Press Releases.

Season 2 Overview.
Concert 1: A Series of Unfortunate Names. 
 Press Release Unavailable .
Concert 2: Circa 1718.  Press Release Austin //  San Antonio.
Concert 3: Prevailing Winds. Press Release Unavailable.
Concert 4: Eine Kleine Passionsmusik. Press Release Austin // San Antonio
Concert 5: Son of a Bach. Press Release Unavailable.

2011-12 Season – Press Releases

Season 1 Overview.
Concert 1: Oktoberfest. 
Press Release
Concert 2: Franco-Fête. Press Release
Concert 3: Capriccio Italien/Espagnol. Unavailable.
Concert 4: Scones and Koláče. Press Release