Ten years ago, our original plan was to form a chamber ensemble – the orchestra and choir bit ended up happening somewhat on its own! We’ll commemorate the midpoint of our tenth season with a return to the original conception we had for our band, in a program of chamber music curated and performed by seven of our principal players. We’ve selected a smörgåsbord of chamber music from all over Europe, and we’ll present each piece to you introduced by the player who selected it. They’ll tell you why they chose it, their favorite things about it, and make note of points you’ll want to keep an ear out for. You’ll be entertained, and get to learn about our individual tastes in music all at the same time!

Saturday, May 15, 2021 — 7:30pm CDT (12:30am UTC Sunday)

Click here for the concert program.


Please note that this is not a live, in-person concert but instead a professionally recorded concert video.

Ticket prices are reduced from those of our in-person concerts. Suggested ticket prices are $20 (General), $15 (Senior), and $10 (Young Adult).

Pay-as-you-can pricing is also available; patrons are asked simply to enter in an amount that works for them, with no questions asked and no judgment passed. We believe the arts are our collective cultural heritage and should be available to all regardless of financial means.

In place of our usual informal pre-concert talk, the program will be interspersed with commentary
by our artistic director, where he discusses what he finds unique or special about the music, and points of interest to listen for.

Author: Billy

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