In 1640, after sixty years of rule by Spain, the Portuguese people reasserted their independence, acclaiming the Duke of Bragança as King João IV. For 28 years the two Iberian kingdoms warred but, with assistance from their centuries-long ally England, Portugal triumphed and in 1668 Spain was forced to recognize them as an independent kingdom once more. D. João IV was a musician and musical scholar and assembled the largest music library in Europe, in addition to lavishly supporting Portuguese musicians both at home and in Italy where many of them studied. Lusitania Liberata will tell the story of Portugal's liberation by way of music from 16th- and 17th-century Portugal, Spain, and England interspersed with readings from 17th-century sources. Music by Machado, Rebelo, Lôbo, Lawes, Gibbons, Cabanilles, Hidalgo, and more, for voices, viols, and Renaissance winds.

Saturday, May 18, 2024 – 7:30PM
Austin venue TBA
Click here for tickets.

Sunday, May 19, 2024 – 3:00PM
San Antonio venue TBA
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As always there will be $5 student tickets available at the door, and K-12 students are free with parent/guardian admission.

A limited number of pay-what-you-can tickets are available at the door at both programs;
patrons are asked simply to offer us what they are able, with no questions asked and no judgment passed.
We believe the arts are our collective cultural heritage and should be available to all regardless of financial means.

Please feel free to join us 30 minutes before the show for an informal talk by the artistic director about the program.

Author: Billy

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