If you are a performer on a period instrument or a singer with an interest in or experience with singing in an historically-informed manner, we would welcome your audition!  Auditions are scheduled on an ad hoc basis with the artistic director and concertmaster (for string players).

We have openings for:

No openings at this time.

Audition Materials/Submission:
Submit to us a message with an artistic résumé or CV, via emailUpon receipt of your materials, we will contact you and with a proposed audition time. Please do inform us of any specific scheduling needs that you may have.

• Two contrasting selections from the Baroque or Classic repertoire, demonstrating your awareness of historically-informed performance practices.  The movements need not come from the same work or style.
•  Please note that all auditions will be performed using period instruments (gut strings & period bows, or period winds).

Continuo players:
• Two contrasting solo selections from the Baroque era, one of which preferably is French.
• Two samples of basso continuo, preferably one in a chamber context and the other in an orchestral context.


Those interested in chorister positions: Prepare 1-2 classical selections demonstrating your vocal quality and musicianship, one of which should be in a language other than English. While Baroque or Classic-era selections are preferred, this is not a requirement.  A brief sight-reading sample will be requested. Demonstration of an awareness of period style is highly desirable.

Those interested in chorister and soloist positions: Prepare two contrasting selections from the Baroque or Classic eras, utilizing two differing languages, selected from English, Latin, Italian, German, French, or Spanish).  A brief sight-reading sample will be requested. Demonstration of an awareness of period style and diction is expected, and experience with regional Latin diction (French, German, Spanish) is preferred. Because ABO performs a great deal of Spanish and Latin American repertoire, preference is given to those who can demonstrate a high-level proficiency with Castilian and New World Spanish diction.