Electrifying, passionate, sensual — these are but a few words that can describe the music of Antonio Vivaldi. Known to his contemporaries as il prete rosso (the Red Priest) on account of his red hair, his music has enchanted millions since it found widespread popularity nearly a century ago. Our first all-Vivaldi program will consist of a diverse assortment of his instrumental and vocal output, with concerti featuring talented ABO soloists, overtures, chamber works, as well as arias from his sacred and operatic œuvre.

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Apr. 6 & 7, 2019



Who are we?

Never been interested in classical music? Maybe you've been listening to the wrong century! We invite you to come and give us a shot—you might just find there's a little less dust on our music than you think. We're breathing new life into some of the most beautiful music ever written, and we're doing it with a youthful energy and colorful uniqueness that you'd expect from an Austin born-and-bred ensemble.

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